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Always looking for Odd, Unusual and Unique items that are Motorcycle, Auto & Gasoline related:

  • Wanted; Motorcycle:
    Early Motorcycles in need of restoration, Motorcycle Parts, Old Dealer Inventories, Signs, Posters, License Plates; Anything from Indian Motorcycle or Hendee Mfg. Co. or Marsh Motorcycle Co.
  • Wanted; Automobile:
    Early Brass Horns, Lights, Speedometers, Porcelain License Plates, Porcelain Dealer Signs, Posters, Auto Racing Pit Badges & Pins, Pennants, Posters & Photos.
  • Wanted; Gasoline:
    Porcelain Signs, Gas Pump Globes, Colorful 1 Qt Oil Cans. Also looking for Sculptures or Modern Art made from Automobile or Motorcycle Parts.
  • Wanted; Connecticut Porcelain License Plates:
    Any Connecticut License Plates with 1,2 or 3 digits, any #97, #1312, #8495, #1993 for my collection
  • Estates Liquidated:
    If you are an executor I can help with the sale and liquidation of your estate vehicles or complete contents of a home or business including real estate. Phone 860-478-8432

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    Dennis Brilla
    Tel. 860 621-4338

    The Plantsville Station Antique Center,
    75 W. Main St., Plantsville, CT -
    Wednesday - Sunday

    The AACA Fall Meet in Hershey, PA.,
    Spaces WWC 9 & 10

    And the Spring Carlisle:
    Spaces NP 35 & 36